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MMIO's difference to other chatbots


We are looking for a better chatbot. This chatbot looks like a XeroChat. Are you using Xerochat Licencing? 



MMIO is not built on top, nor is dependent on any code canyon script, like xerochat.

Quick comparison for context:

Our front-end script is made entirely using Vue js while our back-end stack is Google Firebase, Redis, and Php (Back-end infrastructure is highly scalable with high availability). On the other hand, Xerochat is made purely with HTML, jQuery on the front-end, and only Php on the backend.

MMIO is not customize. MMIO built a completely different script from the inside out. Different execution, different logic. We fly on our own.  

Our features are community-driven. We build upon the request of our current users and do our best to integrate the latest marketing tools available today, ex: Instagram Chatbot, WhatsApp, etc. 

We are highly driven to improve day by day, and to launch and build features that would make our user's life easier. At the same time. profitable marketing.

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