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Payload ID / Postback ID


Is it possible that Payload ID will NOT CHANGE everytime you Edit a Text Element?



Editing the an element does not change it's Postback ID. What triggers a change in postback ID are the following:

  1. Rearranging input connections

  2. Deleting an element

The reference element's sole purpose for V2 is only to identify which Message comes first. You can re-connect it to any element freely - unlike v1 where it's constrained. V2 reference is much more flexible especially if you want to change which message the flow will send first.  So it's important that the reference element does not have its own postback ID. 

Reference element docs →

For the changing postback ID when rearranging connections, this only apply to elements connected next to the Reference element. 

We are continuously working to have a fixed postback ID for elements connected to the reference element.

Also, you can get the postback id, json code and link directly on your element. Please refer to the image below:


You can learn more about flow builder v2 here →

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