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Sample flow set-up: Flow Builder V2


I used the chat flow builder and set up the quick reply for email and then connect it to email sequence. but the email /Data could not be save and the email sequence is not working. there is no email that has been sent to my clients.



You can use this Flow to send your subscriber's email to your Email sequence using Flow Builder Version 2.

Use the “Actions” element for this purpose.


For the equivalent set-up on Flow builder version 1, you can still use actions. See suggested set-up below:



Then check the email subscribers list on your Email flow here:


Also, MMIO is currently updating the Email Flow builder to include an Email drag and drag designer feature inside the flow. Upcoming changes are for mode Email provider integrations such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip and many more so users has more control over the design of the email and the email provider assigned to send emails.

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