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Creating our first chatbot flow

How to create your very first chat bot on marketing master IO. Make sure that you have already enabled the facebook page that you are going to use to build a chat bot. To enable your facebook page all you have to do is go to facebook and instagram. The butt persona feature allows a business to introduce a virtual persona into the flow. Personas are only shown on messenger app either it's on ios or on android for now we are not yet going to build our bot persona but later on in the lesson i'm going to show you how to do so. We must first enable the get started feature in order to send a test we can learn how to enable this by clicking the learn more button here. We need to go to facebook and instagram and then the get started page before we can start sending a test. Another way to enable our get started feature inside the chatbot flow is by creating a trigger. To create a trigger element you can right click on anywhere on the screen and then choose triggers. After connecting our triggers to our text element we need to configure this trigger. Click send test and as you can see we have seen a new message now we don't see any error because we have already enabled the get started button. Click test and we should be redirected to messenger alright congratulations we are now inside messenger so whenever a subscriber first sends a message to your page they would see the start button here.

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