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Message labels, variables and intro to buttons

On this video, we're going to learn how to make a good chat bot flow. Change the name of your flow so that we can use variables like psid or subscriber ID, the gender, location, and time zone. Then we'll say "welcome to Chuck's Burger," which is what we'll do next. There are buttons that need to be added. Click the add button here, and you're done. This time, we're going to use call to make a call. We need to put our international numbers in this field. After making three buttons, we can now make this one so that if we hit save, we get an error. Video 1: In this video, we learned how to use variables and how to add a button. Also, we learn how to change the name of each flow. During the next video, we'll build on what we've learned. We'll talk to you then.

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