MMIO Branding on Whitelabel Domain

Though we do our best to remove our branding from your Whitelabel app as much as possible, there are still 4 cases where it's currently not possible for us to remove our branding:

1. Facebook Import Login

~> Your Whitelabel account will be using our Meta App to import Facebook Account, Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts.


2. Getting MMIO API access token

~> We don't offer customized Developer Documentation for your Whitelabel app. Your clients would use our Developer docs instead.


3. Google My Business Messages Agent Verification Emails

~> Your Whitelabel account will use our Google My Business Messages Partner Account to get your client's Agents and Brands verified.


4. MMIO Booking Google Calendar Sync

~> You Whitelabel account will use our Google App to sync your client's Google calendar should they wish to sync their Booking events.


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