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Say I want to trigger a email sequence from my bot.  However when I am testing out the flow it seems that the email sequence is not being triggered. How can it be triggered then?


For Email sequence action setup, it must be configured correctly. Your input must include an email address. The system must know what email address it should include on your sequence to know where it will be sent.

See sample set-up below using quick reply:


Or, using UserInput so that users can type their email and add that data to your Email sequence:


Additional Notes:

EmailSequence element cannot be used on the 1st generation level message. It should be used on the second and above. 

Reference → Text → Button → NewMessageSet → Text  QuickReply (Email) → EmailSequence 


  • the yellow highlight represents the 1st level message

  • the red represents the 2nd level

So you only use EmailSequence  on the second level and above.

See sample use case:

1st  level message:

"Hello John, Would you like to receive our eBook with tons of Golden nuggets about this topic? If yes, please click “YES button below”

John clicks button

2nd  level message:

"Great John! Now, for us to send you this ebook, simply click your email below:

John clicks the quick reply email 

John is subscribed to the email sequence.

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