Event type settings


Can I choose what event type setting will a purchase be? Currently its default is “On Hold”.
The reason for my questions is that my goal is to create a specific Shop Notification (email) which is specific for the “Manual Payment Method".


You can create multiple notifications one for each event if you want simply create a Shop Notification. You can also edit your current notification. Just go to EcommerceShop Notifications

Simply change or configure the event type settings:


Here are the default behavior for purchases:

COD → On Hold

Manual → On Hold

Paypal, Credit card, other payment methods → Processing (if payment is successful) or On Hold (if payment failed)

On Hold order status means that the payment is not yet received or verified.

For Manual purchases, payment's default order status is “On Hold” because the proof of payment is not yet validated. Once it is validated, it can then be updated to “On Process" status.

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